The Latest Intrigues

It’s been a while, but I’m back, baby, and better than ever. Also more psychologically scarred than ever.

Why so scarred? Well, I’ve been busy actually getting my books published, as well as setting up a website. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? A few words, just a couple of little goals that regular people accomplish everyday. Well, I’ve been scrambling to get these simple tasks done for the past four months, and still, I’m not done.

But I thought it would only be right to catch my readers up.

The paperbacks are done (as far as I know). They’re availabe now on Lulu:

My Heart:



I‘ve even got an ebook for Yolanda that should work on the Nooks:

Soon, all of this is supposed to be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and lots of other retail outlets, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

And that’s it. Months of my life (and chances to write) spent on a couple of simple books.  My website has been responsible for a bulk of my time over the past month, though, as I struggle through HTML. I’m cyber-challenged, unfortunately, so for some reason, every time I make a change to the stupid site, it changes back in a week. Isn’t it sad when people who don’t know what they’re doing flail around wildly, spiders caught in their own webs? I’m trying to spin “S.O.S.” right now, but Charlotte made it look easier than it is.

Anyway, I’ll get it all figured out soon. One of my biggest issues has been to upload the first three chapters of my book to an FTP account so that people can read them off of my site. But they don’t even wait a week to disappear; they’re gone the next time I check the FTP account. So I got the brilliant idea of including the first three chapters here and just linking to the posts directly. That way, people can read them, I won’t go any crazier than I already am, and I’ll be driving people to my blog. Sounds less idiotic than usual, right? Well, we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve still got to turn my first novel into an ebook and send my books to the Library of Congress, but then I think I might be actually done with all of this stuff. Oh, except for marketing.

But no big deal. That’ll be easy, right?



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7 responses to “The Latest Intrigues

  1. You’re a powerhouse, Adam. Onward!

  2. Hi Adam, I read the Kindle version of your book, Yolanda Polanski …
    Please, won’t you share with me how you chose the setting of TR, T’Rivers, Trivvers?

    • Hi Gail, thanks so much for getting in touch. The story of how I picked Two Rivers is a weird one. The name popped up into my head when I started writing, so I assumed that I’d made it up. Then, as you know, sundaes became an important element of the story. Only after this did I discover that Two Rivers was not only a real town, but that it considered itself the birthplace of the sundae.

      Only then did it dawn on me that I’d seen a TV program that had mentioned this fact years before. So my subconscious had dredged this all up and provided a place and subject for my novel! I’ve never been there before, but I did grow up in Michigan, so I have some knowledge of how the Midwest operates.

      I’m especially glad that you’ve contacted me because you’re the first person who’s read my work that I don’t directly know! I haven’t done any marketing of my book at all yet, so I would love to know how you found your way to it.



      • Sent a response on Saturday, did it come through?

      • For some reason, I didn’t get your response, Gail. So sorry about that! I’m kind of new to the blogging thing, if you couldn’t tell, so maybe I’ve screwed something up.

        In fact, just this second, I sent you an email. I’m not sure if that’s allowed or not, but I wanted to be sure that you got an answer. Thanks again for the question!


  3. The novel I’m writing now is set in Wisconsin. As you know from my review of your Kindle ebook, I am a Two Riverian in Yolanda-speak. I often search Kindle for info on Wisconsin but when I enter the words “Two Rivers” tons of information appears but nothing for the city itself. The other day I entered “Two Rivers Wisconsin” and up popped Yolanda Polanski and the Bus to Sheboygan.

    I love the history behind your decision to write about Two Rivers. And for your information, we do not claim to be the Ice Cream Sundae capital of the world. We are THE ICE CREAM SUNDAE capital of the world! :)))

    Also, I feature authors on my blog site in FAST FIVE Author Interviews that focus on stories with strong female protagonists. Please check my site and let me know if you are interested!

  4. Hi Adam, I’m sure it was something I did wrong! I answered your email, easier for both of us!

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