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Can anyone tell me my name?

My senses are growing weak. My mind is closing down slowly, slowly. How can I possibly complete all these posts in one sitting? Soon, I will no longer be able to type, and the world will be spared any more of these words on top of words on top of words.  Then, mankind will begin the healing process, and my blog presence will be nothing more than a vaguely nauseating memory.

You wish. Because I have to keep going, no matter whom I destroy in the process. Even WordPress is telling me that my goal is five posts: “two down, three to go, buddy!” I added the buddy, but that’s what WordPress would say if it were a coach for remedial soccer.

But I’ll make this one short; it’s the least I can do for you. Instead, I’ll ask a question, as apparently, the Internet is a two-way street and you might be able to help point me in the right direction. What do you want out of a blog? What do you wish you got from a blog but could never find? Maybe I really can be of some service to the world, rather than just watching my fingers type out this word, then this word, then this one. And then hitting the ‘publish’ button and forcing you to read this word, then this word, then this one.

I mean I’m evil, but there are limits.

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